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From soft and mellow to fiery and passionate, the music of David Gallegos is an all acoustic, flamenco inspired, instrumental Spanish/World fusion style. With a strong rhythmic foundation and soaring heartfelt melodies, you'll find yourself on a journey of moving and emotional soundscapes.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, David started out as a percussionist in middle school building his musical knowledge in theory and honing his skills in timing. It wasn't long after that he found himself with his father's guitar in hand, teaching himself the fundamentals of chords and scales and eventually applying the complexity of music theory to his learning curriculum. As he worked on bettering his technique, David soon found himself learning songs from popular bands and began developing his ear; building strength in understanding the complexities of melodic arrangements and orchestrations. In his final year of school, he joined the jazz program and gained the experience of playing with a big band and performing in public as well as in competition. Taking with him, the ability to sight read and improvise over jazz standards.

Through out the years, David began teaching guitar as well as writing and performing in various heavy metal bands before chasing his dreams by moving to Los Angeles in hopes of finding a successful musical opportunity. After a 2 year stint in Southern California, he eventually returned to San Antonio and picked up where he left off by building a new band and continued writing. After a few years, David met fellow progressive music fan and drummer Alex Arellano; and the two went on to form the progressive metal band, Power of Omens. Along with Chris Salinas and Matt Williamson (and later, Chris Herring), the band released 2 international CDs, and remained together for about 12 years, developing an underground cult following before eventually coming to an end. During his time with the band, David also began working on solo material in a Spanish / New Age style, completing his first full length CD at the end of 2004. Before the final months of Power of Omens, David relocated to Dallas, Texas in early 2005, all the while working on material for the band's 3rd CD. Unfortunately, due to member conflicts, and line up changes, the band could no longer continue on and give the fans what they deserved, and disbanded in late 2005.

Finding himself in a new city with no band, David decided to make some changes in his life and began to follow his acoustic side and put together a new band of musicians. Soon after, the band began performing on a professional level through out the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, building a following and reputation as one of DFW's well sought after nuevo flamenco bands. In 2009, David released his 2nd CD and continued performing on a regular basis. Along the way, David has successfully performed hundreds of shows from solo and duet, to full band performances. Including an international trip to Mexico with the Tres Hombres trio in March of 2015 for the week long Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival; along side flamenco guitarist, Michael Stacy and Grammy nominated guitarist, Kevin Schaelling.

With 2 independent CDs in his pocket, David continues performing and working on new material... Including a return to the progressive metal world in the works.

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